Bespoke Homes From Design to Completion

What is Self-Build?

Each year thousands of people choose to build their own home. However the term ‘self-build’ is a little misleading – anyone who arranges the design and build of their own home is a self-builder.

Self-build is the means of creating the home you have always dreamed of, designed to exactly suit the way you want to live.

The majority of our clients lead busy lives and our service is carefully tailored to each client’s personal circumstances. With Design & Materials you can be involved as much or as little as you choose and our service ensures that you are able to choose all the things that are important to you, guided at every stage by our experienced team of experts.

Design and Materials will design your home; achieve planning permission; carry out all of the detailed design, specifications and tender documents; and provide a budget for a fixed price build contract.

If you are happy with the estimate, we will submit your Building Regulations applications, finalise your specification and tender the work to proven builders to enable us to provide you with an all-in fixed figure for the build. So before you start building, you will be certain of what your costs are going to be.

Included in the build figure will be the discharge of Planning Conditions, fully working drawings, supply of high quality materials and the full backup of our team throughout the build.

We have been providing our service for over 45 years and have helped people from all walks of life to build their own home. Some ‘self-builders’ prefer an in depth involvement overseeing day relationships in the build process. Others prefer the prospect of having a bespoke home delivered for them. Our service ensures that you will be able to make those important choices guided at every stage by our experienced team of experts.

 The Key Stages:

Initial Discussions: You have a plot and idea. We will advise on how to proceed and help you formulate your initial design brief.

Design and Planning: Design and Materials will produce the design, advising you on planning requirements, design limitation factors, problems and solutions, and alternative and additional ideas. Securing Planning Permission will involve financial outlay, is a fairly complex undertaking, and success is not guaranteed, which is why Design and Materials’ expertise is recommended. We will deal with the Design and Access Statement, Reports and paperwork necessary.

Technical Specifications and Building Regulations: The next stage is the production of Technical Drawings, specifications and Tender documents; and submission for Building Regulation Approval. We also review your project fully with you to help ensure that appropriate budgets are allocated for all of the various aspects of a build project.

Tender Period: Design and Materials will interview a number of construction companies, and will co-ordinate the tender process. The target is to achieve a fixed price for the labour elements of the build. Design and Materials will also provide you with a fixed price for the materials that will be needed for your build which includes our project co-ordination and advice. The result of this stage is a fixed price for building your bespoke home.

Construction: Design and Materials remain involved during the construction process allowing you to continue your everyday occupation. The contractor on site deals with the day to day management.

Site Appraisal

If you think you have found a potential building plot or an existing property for replacement, then the team can provide you with a Site Appraisal. Tell us what you are looking to build and we will enquire if that is viable given the Councils Planning Policies.  There is no charge or obligation for a Site Appraisal.

Feasibility Study

If you own a plot or have an existing property for replacement, then Design & Materials can undertake a Feasibility Study. One of our experienced team will visit you, look over your site, discuss what you have in mind, assess the planning prospects and help you establish a budget. We will then send you a written report confirming the outcome of the Feasibility Study.

Demolish or extend?

Our service also includes extensions and refurbishment. If you are unsure whether to extend and refurbish or demolish and rebuild then we can help you assess your options and advise on the likely cost implications.

Talk to us

If you are considering self-build then please contact us on 01909 531454.  We pride ourselves on giving sound, impartial advice from the outset.